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Photo by Ken Hermann.

Photo by Ken Hermann.


2298 — a dystopian fantasY

The Network makes sure Profiles eat right & stay focused — but No. 24 — thanks to the appearance of a mysterious bird — is finding that difficult.

“one of my all time favorite podcasts [&] […] possibly one of the best ideas for an audio drama i have ever heard.”

— tug35919 —

debuted on december 31, 2017

Photo by Thomas Kelley.

Photo by Thomas Kelley.


magic king dom — a survival fantasY

Dom was just a baby when the world ended on her first trip to the Magic Kingdom — but now — growing up — she wants a way out.

“so good! binged it in one day! […] i’m so bummed that there’s no episodes until december 2018! binge this show now!!”

— upsidedownpanda —

debuted on june 24, 2018

Photo by Bianca Brunner.

Photo by Bianca Brunner.


l i m b o — a bangsian fantasY

On his 24th birthday, David woke up in the house he grew up in — only it’s not — & David is dead — but is there a way back?

“you had me at bangsian! plus the complete cut off in the first episodE IS SOMETHING i’m not used to & gave me chills in the best way.”

— Lovelymissoye —

debuted on october 30, 2018

Photo by Rhett Wesley.

Photo by Rhett Wesley.



A high-school junior is granted immortality — but there’s a catch — every full moon she must kill someone — anyone! — or she’ll die.

debuts on FEBRUARY 10, 2019