KELSEY splashes back out & up the dunes of the island toward the shelter, dropping the traps hard in the sand, panting heavily.

That… would have sucked… really bad…

KELSEY collapses into the sand, as the flames lick the air. There is slight movement in the sand.

Don’t look at me like that, I did too need that nap earlier! & stop telling me how to manage my time… if you’re not less judge-y, I might stop sharing my fish with you…

There is no response outside of a minor, slight movement in the sand. KELSEY snorts & fish fall to the ground in clumps.

That’s what I thought.

KELSEY throws the empty trap in the sand, leans over with a grunt & grabs another; emptying the contents on top of the previous mound of fish.

Hey, why do fish hate going to court? …because they’re always found gill-ty!

Fish fall to the ground in clumps.

Oh come on, that was a good one! 

KELSEY pauses, unable to help what’s coming.

I couldn’t miss the oppor-tuna-ty!

There is no response. KELSEY nearly snorts with laughter, doubling over with heaves of, clearly exaggerated, vigor. After far longer than warranted, KELSEY drops to a deadpan.

Whatever, I’m hysterical.

As the final fish fall, there’s a large thud, the sound of plastic, & clearly not a fish falls onto the mound.

Whoa… what the heck is that!?

There is no response outside of a minor, slight movement in the sand. 

I don’t suppose you could pick it up first, could you?

KELSEY crouches down, muttering.

Opposable thumbs bailing you out as always.

KELSEY picks up an object wrapped in a plastic bag

That’s so… weird… it’s like, sealed, completely…

KELSEY tears open the plastic cautiously.

It’s a phone! Holy crap… it’s a phone! Legitimately, a phone! This is it! This is it, we’re saved!

The storm outside has plateaued into a calm patter against the tarp with the occasional burst of wind; a relative calm compared to just moments earlier.