KELSEY exhales her last laugh & takes another slow drag of the cigarette.

You have to admit now, this qualifies as adventure, even you can’t be so cynical, this is a big deal.

There is no response.

I can’t with you… Does this look like it fell from some supply ship? Does this look like an official product to you!? Where’s the box? Where’s the rest of them?

KELSEY sighs, resigned.

This was sent here. 

KELSEY takes a final drag on the cigarette & puts it out on bark nearby.

This wasn’t some random act.

There is no response outside of a minor, slight movement in the sand. 

We’ll see who’s right in the end!

KELSEY looks imploringly as TURTLE slithers away in the sand.

You’re still going to help me though, right!?

KELSEY slams a fist into the sand & blows a raspberry, muttering.

Some friend you are.

The ocean breeze gusts pleasantly & the fire crackles softly. There is no more storm. KELSEY speaks alone.

I wish the weather would make up its mind. Changes as quick as my mood.

There is a single, soft crack of thunder.

Oh, very funny. Everyone’s a comedian tonight, but I’m the corny one, I see how it is.

KELSEY reaches down & grabs the plastic bag & the cell phone, separately, & looks at them contemplatively. KELSEY has no idea what’s going on but is strangely confident this is the moment everything changes & the reality once accepted as final comes into question. KELSEY speaks closely.

We’ll see how funny it is when I figure out how to get this on… 

KELSEY exhales, scared.

…& figure out what it means.

A large, close crack of thunder booms & a heavy spat of rain begins to fall, pattering against the tarps, rapping its agreement.